Fog and Fennel logoThe Flower Farm is run by me, Charlie Giles with the help of wonderful friends and Minnie the dog, chief digger of holes.

My great grandfather received an award for providing his local community with fresh fruit and vegetables grown on his allotment throughout the Second World War. Inspired by this story and with an inherited passion for gardening, I am now following in his footsteps by growing for my local community. The flower farm began as a dream and an empty field on a sometimes wild and windy hillside at home.

Minnie the dog ‘chief digger of holes’

I wanted to grow sustainable cottage garden flowers to sell but thought the exposed location and Yorkshire weather made the dream impossible. I gave it a go anyway! I sowed some seed, and the flowers grew, as did my belief I was doing the right thing. Now in its second year, the flower field has expanded, as has the variety of flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees growing there. My knowledge has expanded too.